How to add an ​RSVP into a MailChimp Template -March 23, 2019

 In this episode – we review on how to create a CTA RSVP in a MailChimp template by adding the MailChimpRSVP code. 

Step 1. Create the MailchimpRSVP with a  Calendar Snack.

Step 2 – Get a CalendarSnack and Setup the MailChimp template for Call to action with the embed code from the CalendarSnack.

Step 3- After embedding the code, launch your MailChimp campaign and monitor your event with the  RSVP report engine for detailed accounting of the customer Calendar Clients. – Y, N or M.

This is a recap of the March 23 You Tube sessions. We review the RSVP create, code embed intoMailChimp  and Calendar Client reporting. 

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