How to track RSVP in MailChimp – March 30, 2019

Video 1 – Select your Mail Chimp template and get a Calendar Snack by creating the event on your Google or Outlook Calendar and copy us to your event. Use the “” email address in your calendar invitation. You will receive the calendarsnack email with all the instructions.

Video 2- How to set up the MailChimp template for Call to Action (CTA), by using a stock template or creating your own in the MailChimp template. How to get the RSVP Code from the CalendarSnack and Insert into the MailChimp template. 

Video 3 – How to wrap up the RSVP code insert and send the MailChimp email with the CTA embed. Review of the view of the MailChimp email in the email box with the Call to action being clicked and what happens in the workflow.

Video 4 – Review of the MailChimp sent promotion and how the email flows when the CTA button is clicked in the email in the inbox. How the stock Splash page works when CTA is clicked. How the Calendar Invite is viewed in the email inbox of your customer and the setup of how Reporting Works.

Video 5 –   How the data is collected and reported.  How we monitor the connection between the Calendar Client and the MailChimp reporting engine.  How the calendar invitee Yes, Maybe and No show up in the RSVP Interface. 

Video 6 – A detailed review of Mail Chimp RSVP Reporting and campaign wrap up of the CTA to the Calendar Clients to the CalendarSnack.

Episode review of the March 30th content post. Create, Integrate and report on the RSVP pipeline.

How to add an ​RSVP into a MailChimp Template -March 23, 2019

 In this episode – we review on how to create a CTA RSVP in a MailChimp template by adding the MailChimpRSVP code. 

Step 1. Create the MailchimpRSVP with a  Calendar Snack.

Step 2 – Get a CalendarSnack and Setup the MailChimp template for Call to action with the embed code from the CalendarSnack.

Step 3- After embedding the code, launch your MailChimp campaign and monitor your event with the  RSVP report engine for detailed accounting of the customer Calendar Clients. – Y, N or M.

This is a recap of the March 23 You Tube sessions. We review the RSVP create, code embed intoMailChimp  and Calendar Client reporting.